WHO: Anybody can take part.

WHAT: It is an international online competition with the aim of creating the graphics of your own 75th Anniversary Bora.

WHEN: From 21.05 to 14.09.2007: download, registration and uploading image. 15.09.2007: selection of the 10 finalists. From 21.09 to 15.01.2008: voting for the first three finalists.

WHERE: on this website

WHY: To celebrate Campagnolo’s 75 years. To have the unique opportunity to create the graphics of a Campagnolo product.


The Bora by Silva Hudson Malta was the biggest success, earning a well-deserved first place.
Take a look at the final classification and see who came in where…

Silver and bronze for "BORA SHARON" and "PASSION"!

The Boras by Sharon Temleton and Tim Tribe took second and third place respectively.
Take a look at the final classification to see the remaining runners-up…
Celebrate Campagnolo’s 75th Anniversary.

In 2008 Campagnolo celebrates the 75th anniversary of its foundation. 75 years of unique passion for cycling. 75 years of innovation and technology. 75 years of legendary exploits. 75 years of success. 75 years with the best athletes. 75 years dedicated to creating products for who, like you, is satisfied only with the best. A unique goal that we wish to share with all those that made it possible, thanks to Bora Art Contest.

Bora Art Contest is a competition that allowed to the fans to take even more part in Campagnolo’s world giving them an extraordinary opportunity: creating your own graphics of the Bora wheel.

Ten wheel finalists were published on this site. Visitors could then vote to select the three winners who win bicycles fully fitted with Campagnolo wheels and components of different value.


Latest News

We sincerly apologize for having attributed a desing belonging to another contestant to István Szugyiczky.